Patches and Prizes
  • The Gold Star is Awarded to a Player with 7+ Years of Total WAR experience, playing at least 2 events per year.

  • The Silver Star is for 5+ Years of Total War Experience with at least 2 events per year.

  • The Bronze Star is Awarded to an player that has played Total War for 3+ Years, and at least 2 events per year.
  • The Lethal Killer Patch is your entry into an exclusive club which only the most bad-ass Total War Killers are apart of.   Awarded to the most Lethal Players of the Event.

  • The Gold Eagle is Awarded to the Best Leader of the Total War Event.   They are rare and you are part of a small group of players if you ever aquire one.
  • The Gold Shield is awarded to the best defensive player of the War.   The player who receives this must have held off enemy fire to make a huge impact on the game.
  • The Gold Dragon is awarded to a player who changes the War the most through his/her gameplay or skill.
  • The Silver Sword is given to the player whom is the Stealthiest, badass sniper in the whole WAR.   They will not only make mad long range kills, but stay hidden and silent like a ghost.
  • The Silver Shield is handed to a game changing player whom also is a great player/leader for the team.
  • Awarded for Sportsmanship, leadership of New Players or both.  It can be awarded for fair or great sportsmanship on the battlefield.
  • The Bronze Bolt is awarded to the Best New Player.  You are regarded as a new player for your entire first year in Total War.
  • The Iron Shield is awarded to the player of the WAR with the best costume or paintball marker.   This will be decided by Generals and referees!

Do you qualify for an Award?

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