Both teams are fun to play on, however if you prefer a organized, command structure type team, the SASR is for you. They like to use radios and split their teams up to tactically gain points. If you prefer to just rock up and play paintball the U.E.F is for you!
You can battle along side your friends or split up and play against each other for the 3 x 1 hour long games. Most people team up in special squads on either the SASR team or ENEMY Forces!
Click the pricing tab at the top of the page! It depends on how much paint you want to buy!  Just buy an entrance fee for $50.00(hire gun) or $40.00(own gun) and buy paintballs!  2000 paintballs =$100.00

All of the packages include ALL gear needed to play. Goggles, paintballs, pods, ammo belt, and Eclipse EMEK Semi auto gun.

Action Paintball Games
770 Springwood Rd
Yarramundi, NSW, 2753

Call (02) 9679 0011

Just follow the links on this page and have your information ready! Name, email, ph#, and team selection. You can pay by CC/Paypal through our secure checkout. Remember if you are paying by CC(MC/VISA/AMEX) WE USE PAYPAL as our portal, so you dont need a paypal account to check out.
There are 3 x 45min games. Each game has objectives that are worth points. There are also secondary objectives/special operations. The team with the most points at the end of the 3 games will be declared the winner.
To play Total War you dont need any of your own gear! Actionpaintball Supplies you with awesome gear from the word go! You get thermal goggles(antifog), a semi auto gun, ammo belt + pods, and overalls!
If you can bring your own camelbak or hydration system, a barrel cleaner(squeegee), and microfiber goggle cleaning cloths. The referees will only be there to assist with gun problems, not to clean your goggles or clean your gun.
The gates to the field open at 6:30am, however most people don’t show up until around 8:00am. The first game starts exactly at 10:30am, so you will need a while to get your gear loaded and ready to go. Registration is BUSY, so we suggest you get here early! The last game ends at 3:00pm.
There is usually around 300+ people playing, depending on the registrations, teams will be 150 vs. 150 or MORE!
The main objective of Total War is to have FUN. There is ZERO tolerance for players who take it too seriously, and get aggressive on the field!