2017 Prizes

The Medals of Total War

Only for the Brave.

GOLD EAGLE – Most lethal player

-This medal is awarded to the most badass, best player of the war. This player will be influential in the outcome of the war, either by a staggering amount of kills, or a move the tips the battle the way of his or her team.

GOLD SWORD – The Best Leader

-Awarded to the player that leads his or her team in the most influential way that leads to the victory of their team.

SILVER SHIELD – The Best Defensive Player

-This is awarded to a player whom digs in and does not let up to the oncoming waves of enemy attacks. This player will be one whom does not give up, even in the face of a large wave of players.

SILVER SPEAR – The Stealthiest Player

-This medal is awarded to a player who makes sneaky or stealthy moves that influence the outcome of the war. For example, a sniper that allows a huge group of enemy to pass and then proceeds to the mission objective.

SILVER DRAGON – The Best Dressed Player

-Awarded to the best dressed player! The best costume or themed player kit wins!

GREEN CROSS – The Most Shot in Combat

-Awarded to the player who get hit the most and keeps coming back for more!

GREEN STAR – The Best New Player

-Given to a first time player of TOTAL WAR, this is awarded to a player that shows dedication and does not give up!

BLACK FOX – The Most Extreme of Deadly Weapon

-Given to a player that has put effort and design into their paintball marker. This is for players with their own Paintball Gun!

Round 3 - Hamburger Hill Winners

Winners of the Medals

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