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Total War - Operation Overlord 3 - June 25th 2017

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2017 Dates

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Sunday March 12, 2017

After the defeat of the UEF at Operation Black Citadel General Reed was assassinated and removed from UEF power. General Hastings has seized command and has taken charge of the German Army(UEF). The time is 1916 and German forces have taken the bridges that separate France from Germany. The Germans must defend their bridges and not allow that to be demolished!

TOTAL WAR 2: Operation Overlord 3

Sunday June 25th, 2017

The allies(SASR) have amassed a massive attack force on Sword Beach. Can the UEF(German) forces hold them back and defend it for the longest time?

TOTAL WAR 3: Operation Red Saigon

Sunday Sept 10, 2017

The Jungles of Vietnam have once again been swarmed by the red forces. More detials to come.

TOTAL WAR 4: Operation Russian Krait

Detials released shortly

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Entrance fee only. Paintballs must be purchased separately. $35.00 Early bird Price

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Schedule for the Day

We are going to run a very strict timetable and they will be the same at each venue and event:

6:00am – Gates open
7:00am – Registration Open
8:30am – Chrono Station Open – *All Players Must Have a Gun Checked by a Referee
10:00am – Game Briefing and Equipment Checks
10:30am – Game 1 Starts
11:30am – Game 1 Finishes (Quick Turn Around)
12:00pm – Game 2 Starts (Teams Switch Sides)
1:00pm Game 2 Finishes
1:00 – 1:45 Lunch and Final Game Briefing
2:00 – 3:00pm Game 3
3:15pm – Awards and Event Wrap Up!

TOTAL WAR 3: Operation Red Saigon – Sun 10/09/2017